Thursday, 29 December 2011


I see your picture
as though it were a mirror 
but there's no part of you 
outside the frame 
except the change that you gave to me: 
this will never come again. 
You are gone 
and I am with you: 
this will never come again.
 — Peter Hammill 'Again'

Look at the sky, but it's empty now; 
look at the sea, it holds nothing but despair. 
I raise my eyes, but my head stays bowed... 
I look to my side, but you're not there. 
And I can't get you out of my mind, 
no, no, no, no, I just can't get you from my mind.
 — Peter Hammill 'The Shingle Song'

I can't get used to living here,
While my heart is broke, my tears I cried for you.
But all I got is a photograph
And I realise you're not coming back anymore.
 — Richard Starkey 'Photograph'