Sunday, 22 August 2010


Alliance - in international politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted in each other's pockets that they cannot separately plunder a third.
— Ambrose Bierce

"Let ME buy you!" spruiked the politician.

"Buy me!"
"Buy me!" yelled the products,
but he couldn't hear them anymore.

"Watch me!" cried the television.
"Read me!" cried the magazines
but he couldn't hear them anymore.

"Drive me!" screamed the car.
"Notice me!" shrieked the celebrity
but he couldn't hear them anymore.

— Michæl Leunig 'The Old, Old Dog'

Mid–Life Crisis

True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country.
— Kurt Vonnegut

Electile Dysfunction

By definition, a government has no conscience. Sometimes it has a policy, but nothing more.
— Albert Camus


Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
— HL Mencken