Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Well Respected Man

He dresses how he votes.
 — David Bridie '25 stations'

Captain Ahab


We need wisdom more than ever
Even with the best intentions
The centre cannot hold
The centre cannot hold
 — David Bridie 'The Centre Cannot Hold'

Strike A Poseur

The triumph of style over substance is celebrated endlessly at numerous annual awards ceremonies — from the Oscars down.
 — Doug Anderson

'A Demeaning Display Of Anodyne Music And Fantasy Costumes'

Inanity writ large with a 10-tonne DayGlo Pentel.  This utterly unnecessary event highlights the absurd efforts that aspiring pop singers will go to in order to lose a meaningless competition and avoid saddling their country with the expense of hosting the ensuing year's telecast, which costs squillions and advances bugger all.
 — Doug Anderson on the Eurovision Song Contest

Wild About Oscar